Visit the vineyards, the cellars and taste our wines.

Literally touching the sea, Calonge – Sant Antoni has a secret: hidden scenery that has preserved its authentic relationship to the wine industry through the centuries. In spite of the years gone by, the country houses and farms have maintained their vineyards that crawl up the mountainsides, and is one of the most recommended visits for someone who wants to get to know one of the spirits of the municipality.

The trails and paths bordering the vineyards are worth a visit any time of the year, not forgetting the cellars where we can get a better idea of the wine-making process. One of the most remarkable details of Calonge – Sant Antoni is that in the area there are two very different methods of making wine. This opens the door to two distinct worlds; two different ways of understanding wine and vines.

Home-made wine

We can visit the cellars in the country houses and farms where wine is made following traditional methods used throughout the centuries. These country houses takes us to a lifestyle that seems to have disappeared, but is still followed in Calonge – Sant Antoni, and holds fast to the future The entire family works the fields, the vineyards, and the wine is sold directly to the visitor. This wine has the taste of time and stands apart from commercially made wines, maintaining its identity as a homemade product.

Wine with Denomination of Origin

Calonge – Sant Antoni also produces wine with Denomination of Origin, a method of producing, selling and living wine that is completely different from the way things are done in the country houses and farms. This wine is bottled, labeled and sold in shops, The vineyards and cellars in the country houses and farms are really worth a visit, and so are the cellars that produce wine with Denomination of Origin. This would be the only way to understand how two different wines and wine-producing methods can live side by side in the same municipality.

Buying Wine with Confidence

Don’t get frazzled when you’re shopping for wine. Browsing and buying wine should be a fun, positive experience. Remember these helpful hints when you hit the wine shop:

  • No one in the world knows everything about wine.
  • Smart people aren’t afraid to ask “dumb” questions.
  • The purpose of wine is to be enjoyed.
  • Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy it more.
  • I am my own best judge of wine quality.
  • Most wines are good wines.
  • Experimentation is fun.
  • Advice is free for the asking.
  • Every bottle of wine is a live performance.
  • I’ll never know . . . until I try it!

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