The coastline of the Costa Brava, made of small sandy bays and rocky headlands covered by pine and oak forests, is protected not just by law and the national parks but passionately looked after by the people that live here.

Can SikiOnka is situated in the foothills of the Gavarres National Park.

Throughout this region there are megalithic stone monuments, some of the best preserved Greek and Roman ruins in Europe, Bronze and Iron age settlements, Castles, Napoleonic forts and perfectly preserved medieval villages. There are the Garroxta Volcanic National Park, an hour to the north, and the Montseny National Park, an hour to the south.

The best time to visit Catalunya is anytime:

  • from mid-September to mid-March when the temperatures hover in the mid teens and allow you to walk around comfortably, enjoy the local wines and cava, cycle around through a beautiful nature.
  • from mid-march to mid-September when the temperatures hover around the thirties and allow you to enjoy the water of the pool and the Mediterranean Sea.

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